Vegetarian couscous with papaya


A delicious vegetarian dish, but you can also serve it with chicken or fish. The combination of the warm couscous and fresh papaya is delicious.

Pasta with butternut squash and almonds


A quick pasta loaded with vegetables and flavour. You will be using the whole butternut squash, some of which will be pureed into a sauce. A delicious mediterranean twist with olives, garlic and almonds.

Sweet potato casserole with macadamia and pomegranate

Sweet potato casserole

This is a variation on the traditional sweet potato casserole, often served on American holiday tables. It’s not only a fantastic side dish but also a perfect vegetarian main course. The flavours are distinctly wintry, sweet and spicy.

Sweet potato dish with avocado rose


This sweet potato dish from TV chef Mathijs Vrieze is easy to make, yet it makes a colourful and stunning impression. The combination of purple and orange sweet potato slices in this casserole adds a burst of colours.

Sweet potato nacho fries


Sweet potato nacho fries. Comfort food, great for any day of the week. Not only is it easy to prepare, but it’s also healthy and incredibly tasty. Make these sweet potato fries regularly to enjoy an extra portion of vegetables without any effort.

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