Lemongrass Chicken Meat Skewers

Delicious chicken meat skewers, using lemongrass stalks as sticks. During grilling, the lemongrass stalk will give the chicken a subtle, citrusy flavour.

Sweet potato casserole with macadamia and pomegranate

Sweet potato casserole

This is a variation on the traditional sweet potato casserole that is often served during the holiday season in the United States. It is delicious as a side dish, but is also perfect as a vegetarian main course. The flavours are distinctly wintery, sweet and spicy.

Shepherd’s Pie with sweet potato

Shepherd’s Pie is a classic British casserole that will satisfy even the biggest appetite. The casserole is covered by a marvellous layer of mashed potatoes. Naturally, we are making ours with sweet potatoes instead of regular ones!

Grilled lime chicken legs (on the BBQ or grill pan)

These chicken legs taste wonderfully refreshing, herby and spicy thanks to the lime marinade. Great on the barbecue! Not quite barbecuing weather? These chicken legs are also great off the grill pan or out of the oven.