Bœuf bourguignon with butternut squash

Bœuf bourguignon met flespompoen

Stewed beef enriched with red wine. A festive dish for special occasions. With green asparagus and butternut squash. For a vegetarian option, replace the meat with aubergine.

Vegetarian couscous with papaya


A delicious vegetarian dish, but you can also serve it with chicken or fish. The combination of the warm couscous and fresh papaya is delicious.

Pasta with butternut squash and almonds


A quick pasta loaded with vegetables and flavour. You will be using the whole butternut squash, some of which will be pureed into a sauce. A delicious mediterranean twist with olives, garlic and almonds.

Lemongrass Chicken Meat Skewers

Delicious chicken meat skewers, using lemongrass stalks as sticks. During grilling, the lemongrass stalk will give the chicken a subtle, citrusy flavour.

Sweet potato casserole with macadamia and pomegranate

Sweet potato casserole

This is a variation on the traditional sweet potato casserole that is often served during the holiday season in the United States. It is delicious as a side dish, but is also perfect as a vegetarian main course. The flavours are distinctly wintery, sweet and spicy.

Shepherd’s Pie with sweet potato

Shepherd’s Pie is a classic British casserole that will satisfy even the biggest appetite. The casserole is covered by a marvellous layer of mashed potatoes. Naturally, we are making ours with sweet potatoes instead of regular ones!