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Discovered is a brand of Farmhouse International. Would you like to feature Discovered in your range, or would you like to talk to us? Then contact Farmhouse!

Discovered is an colorful consumer brand of surprising fruit and vegetables. Discovered is synonymous with a high-quality range of fresh products carefully selected by our experts from all corners of the globe. We see it as a challenge to search the world and discover products to surprise and delight the consumer. For this reason, we look for suppliers who meet the very highest quality standards and who have the same passion for their product as we do. Of course, creating a future-proof supply chain for our partners is a priority in everything we do.

We consider it our mission to let consumers experience the unique flavours and the many uses of our fruits and vegetables. We also explain where the products come from, so that they can be transported momentarily to another world.

Owing to our market research we now have an accurate picture of the consumer, which we like to use to support our customers in their sales activities. If we’ve managed to enthuse you with our passion and our approach, please contact us to find out how we can help you take your exotics range and your bottom line to the next level. Our service does not stop at delivery – we also help you in your sales ventures.

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