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Sustainability at Discovered

At Discovered, our mission is to make everyone enjoy all the beautiful varieties of exotic fruit and vegetables that our planet has to offer.

We focus on providing inspiration for tasty, healthy, surprising and delicious meals, which mainly consist of fruit and vegetables. Because eating a mainly plant-based diet is not only important for our health, but also for the planet.

The report of the EAT Lancet Committee , and the double pyramid of the Barilla Centre for Food & Nutrition Foundation clearly show that consuming more fruit and vegetables is an essential element of a future-proof diet.

That is why it is our mission to make consumption of exotic fruit and vegetables easier and more enjoyable. We want to surprise you with the delicious flavours of exotic fruit and vegetables, and show that meat and fish are no longer necessary for a tasty meal!

Connecting smiles

We believe that everyone in our chain should benefit from our mission to make a positive impact on people and the planet. We aim to create happy, involved and proud chains and ensure smiles from farmland to table.

And our chain starts with the farmer. Our growers ensure that our beautiful exotics are grown in healthy conditions in places all over the world. In order to continue to grow together, we build long-term relationships with our suppliers. We like to work closely with our growers, from large to small, to make a positive economic, social and environmental impact. We also take care of people and the environment through careful supplier selection and by guiding our suppliers with regard to social working conditions and minimising environmental impact.

Packaging, don’t waste it!

Products that come from far away must be properly protected and packaged. But let’s handle packaging responsibly. This means that we are constantly working on finding the right balance between product and packaging. Because packaging must always be functional. Properly packaged food often prevents waste. We do not want any packaging to be wasted, no unnecessary use of packaging material, but certainly no food waste. So we are constantly working on innovating our packaging. We strive to ensure that our packaging is made of 100% recycled material and are also 100% recyclable. And with that last point in mind, we need your help! To comply with this, we have banned all black plastic packaging, because this is often not recyclable. By looking for alternatives, we save 70,000 kg of black plastic annually. Another example of packaging that we have preserved is that of the pomelo. Here we have managed to reduce the packaging weight by 50%. Our mango and avocado packaging is now made entirely of paper and therefore 100% recyclable. Every day, we are working to make further improvements in this area.

Will you help?

Our packaging contains recycling logos indicating how our packaging should be recycled correctly. Together we can ensure that the packaging is reused. This way, by throwing the packaging away correctly, you can complete the cycle.

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