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Packaging. Don’t waste it!

Wasting our fresh fruits and vegetables which are grown with love and using abundant packaging material for our products, sound like a sin to us. That is why we always strive for the right balance between product and packaging.

Every year the Best Fresh companies supply millions of kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables, where we feel responsible for. Our natural products contribute to the health of the consumers. During the entire journey throughout the supply chain, we strive to keep our products in their best possible shape. That is why we opt for sustainable packaging if it enriches the product, in order to keep our environmental impact low. Our goal of packing products only once along the supply chain can only be achieved if we create commitment and transparency among multiple stakeholders. By joining forces we can make a bigger impact. After all, the passion we have for fruit and vegetables is what binds us together

Do you want to learn more about our sustainable packaging goals? Please take a look at our website!

Fortunately, more and more material streams are being recycled well, and we are also working hard to encourage this. Together with you, we can close the circle of our packaging material. If you put the packaging material in the right recycling stream, you will help us to realize our circular ambitions! Thank you!

Each country has its own rules regarding the logo’s that are being used and the way that materials need to be sorted and recycled. This makes it difficult to communicate the rules that apply in your country on the packaging. Fortunately each country has a good website to inform consumers on how to sort and recycle their waste. Therefore we selected the most important website for the countries we supply to:


Any packaging or packaging elements bearing this logo may be disposed of with the waste paper.


Plastic: Any packaging or packaging elements bearing this logo may be disposed of with plastic packaging waste.


Any packaging or packaging elements bearing this logo may be disposed of with residual waste.

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