Quiche with roasted butternut squash and green asparagus

quiche met flespompoen

This delightful galette, also known as quiche, is a delicious creation by Mathijs Vrieze. Whether you savor a slice for a light lunch, as a festive side dish, or as the shining centerpiece of a dinner, this quiche with butternut squash promises to be a culinary masterpiece.

Lemongrass Ginger Tea

Citroengras gemberthee - Lemongrass Ginger Tea - Discovered

A delicious fragrant tea with lemongrass and ginger. Always a refreshing drink, but even better when you have the flu or a cold!

Sweet potato casserole with macadamia and pomegranate

Sweet potato casserole

This is a variation on the traditional sweet potato casserole, often served on American holiday tables. It’s not only a fantastic side dish but also a perfect vegetarian main course. The flavours are distinctly wintry, sweet and spicy.

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