Exotic mash with green asparagus

A light mash with green asparagus and smoked salmon; a lovely combination. Naturally, this mash is also tasty with regular potatoes, but sweet potatoes turn it into an absolute treat!

Green asparagus casserole

A unique casserole made of green asparagus, jumbo shrimp, and mango, with a delicious avocado sauce.

Chicken roulade with sweet potatoes and green asparagus

This festive main course consists of three dishes that go together perfectly: Chicken roulades, Hasselback sweet potatoes and a green asparagus salad. In this recipe, Mathijs demonstrates how to produce your own chicken roulades with garlic, lime and sage. (You could also buy them from your poulterer.) By cutting the sweet potatoes into fans, they will bake more quickly. The green asparagus is eaten raw as part of a salad. Here’s a recipe sure to delight everyone.

Casserole with figs and sweet potato

Comfort food to make a winter’s evening even more cosy. It is incredibly easy to make and is ready in no time. Plus, it’s super tasty and healthy.