Passion fruit Margarita

A cocktail for the summer, delicious, very easy and quick to prepare. For you to enjoy this season!

Panna Cotta with passion fruit

Our Discovered passion fruit tastes delicious in desserts. This recipe for panna cotta with passion fruit is a must for every party dish!

No bake cheese cake with passion fruit

This a ‘no-bake’ cheesecake with passion fruit. Okay, so it’s not very healthy, but not everything has to be healthy all the time. It’s nice not to have to bake anything with this recipe. Instead, you just let it set in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Passion fruit mousse

We got this delightful recipe from our Colombian farmer, Jorge. Passion fruit mousse is a very popular dessert in Colombia. It’s not only scrumptious but also very simple to put together. Jorge: ‘In Colombia, the traditional way to make this mousse is to use sweetened condensed milk. This ingredient is combined in this recipe with whipped cream to make the mousse deliciously light and smooth.’