Fig crumble with pecans

A crumble is easy to make with few ingredients. Dutch TV chef Mathijs Vrieze has chosen to work with soft sweet fresh figs.

Mini-quiches with fresh figs

These little treats will be a hit at every get-together: mini-quiches made with goat cheese and fresh figs. They can be served either warm or cold. Perfect for the holidays because you can make them ahead!

Pavlova with figs and pomegranate

A festive dessert! A traditional pavlova with an exotic twist; a wonderful combination of foam, whipped cream, fresh figs, and pomegranate pips.

Casserole with figs and sweet potato

Comfort food to make a winter’s evening even more cosy. It is incredibly easy to make and is ready in no time. Plus, it’s super tasty and healthy.