Casserole with figs and sweet potato

Comfort food to make a winter’s evening even more cosy. It is incredibly easy to make and is ready in no time. Plus, it’s super tasty and healthy.

Canapés with figs

This tasty fig canapé is easy to make and always hits the spot! The combination of the sweetness of the figs with the crispy bacon and creamy goat’s cheese is simply delicious.

Healthy fig muffins with ginger

These delectable muffins are made without sugar, wheat flour or butter. Instead, they contain healthy ingredients like oatmeal flour, luscious fresh figs and fresh ginger. A wholesome version of the traditional muffin: a wonderful snack, or eat them for breakfast or lunch.

BBQ Salad with mangetout, figs and bacon

This simple salad is ready to serve in no time. A great summertime recipe, perfect for a BBQ. The combination of mangetout, figs and bacon will be the element of surprise at your BBQ. Plenty of green and a good bite because of the mangetout and bacon. Enjoy!


This recipe is a favourite of our Brazilian farmers, Helio and Priscila. Dulce de higos are caramelised figs in syrup. They are very popular in Brazil where they are eaten as a dessert. Delicious with yoghurt, ice cream or as filling for a pie or cake.