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Go on an exotic adventure with Yexi

Who is Yexi?


Yexi is a colourful and exotic cockatoo from Indonesia. He’s very eager to learn, which is why he’s constantly in search of new experiences. From the time he was born, Yexi got very attached to our employees. He follows them everywhere, even to foreign countries.

Yexi joins all our travels across the world, especially when we visit our farmers. Yexi takes you on an adventure and brings you exciting inspiration and information about our farmers, their passion and their products.

Yexi's Story.

The birth of Yexi

Read and view the comic with the story of Yexi’s birth!

Our own farmer Wayan works in the western part of Indonesia. For many years, he has produced mangosteens for Discovered with all his passion and expertise, which is why he is considered part of our Discovered family.

It seemed to be a normal day like any other day. Wayan was proudly picking his delicious mangosteens in his orchard. To his surprise, he saw something peculiar in this tree. It was oval shaped and had a turquoise colour with orange shades. It looked very exotic and Wayan assumed it to be a new exotic fruit, which happened to look a lot like an egg… He named his new discovery an EGGxotic.

Wayan packed the EGGxotic with much care and precision, just like all his other Discovered products. He loaded his truck with care and drove to the airport with his exotics. Moments later the ABC Logistics airplane departed from Indonesia on its way to the Netherlands.

To be continued….

After a long flight, the exotics have arrived at the airport. After which, they were immediately transported to our distribution center. None of the exotics can pass through inspection without the critical review of our quality control specialist Pete. He has years of experience with checking exotics for quality and is only happy if the exotics are in an optimal state, when reaching our consumers. After all, we want the highest possible quality for our customers.

Upon the arrival of the products, Pete immediately noticed the box with EGGxotic written on it, which he did not recognize. He opened the box and, to his surprise, saw an egg. Due to the exotic nature of the egg, Pete knew that this was a special discovery, which is why he treated it with the utmost care.

He tried everything to determine if the egg was still alive. Pete rubbed and blew on the egg to keep it warm. He also tried to put it underneath a lamp to regulate the temperature, but nothing worked. Then he thought about what an animal would do in his case, it would sit on it…Oh well, why not! He carefully sat on the egg…but CRACK!

To be continued….

Piet was in a state of panic, because there was a crack on the egg. He decided to go to Blijdorp to ask for advice. Blijdorp is a huge zoo filled with exotic animals, surely they should know how to take care of an exotic egg?

Doctor Ed of Blijdorp examined the egg. He concluded that the crack on the egg was luckily not harmful. He also said that it was a bird egg. Which kind of bird would it be?

Piet was relieved and tried to reach for the egg. Suddenly the egg moved. Slowly at first, but then more energetic. Is the egg about to hatch?

To be continued….

Indeed, more cracks started to appear on the egg and the egg hatched! Whoosh! A little bird flew out the egg like a bullet.

Whoosh!…Whoosh!…Whoosh! The bird flew back and forth in the sky, full of energy. Doctor Ed said: “He is an energetic one, isn’t he?” Piet was very glad that the bird was completely healthy. “Such a colourful and exotic bird it is.”, he said.

Curiously, the bird flew in the direction of Piet. Piet stayed very still and the bird carefully landed on his head. Doctor Ed said: “He got attached to you, Piet. How will you call him?” Piet said the first thing that came to his mind: Yexi!

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