Passion fruit sangria


4 passion fruits
2 bottles cold dry or sweet white wine*
2 tangerines
1 lemon
1 apple
1 shot glass of fruit juice concentrate (or liqueur)

*For a non-alcoholic sangria, use apple juice instead of wine!

A lovely refreshing sangria with passion fruit especially for you: Naturally, this sangria makes any summer evening into a real party!


  • 1
    Halve the passion fruits and spoon out the pulp into a sieve placed above a bowl. Stir with a spoon to separate the passion fruit juice from its seeds.
  • 2
    Decant the wine into a large pitcher or a wine tap. Wash the tangerines, lemon and apple and cut into equally thin slices. Add the cut fruit, passion fruit seeds and passion fruit juice to the wine.
  • 3
    Add a bit of the concentrated fruit juice or fruit liqueur to taste. Stir the sangria with a wooden spoon and taste it! You might want to add a bit of extra concentrated fruit juice or honey. Refrigerate the sangria.
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