Lime ice cream with fresh limes


200 ml water
120 g sugar
2 limes
3 dl coconut milk
2 tbsp. orange liqueur (e.g. Triple Sec)
1 lime (for garnish)

This deliciously refreshing ice cream with fresh lime is easy to make yourself, with or without an ice cream maker.


  • 1
    Bring the water to a boil and dissolve the sugar in this. Let cool. Scrub the limes clean.
  • 2
    Zest two limes (see how to zest a lime HERE) and then juice them.
  • 3
    Mix 3 tbsp. lime zest, 4 tbsp. lime juice, coconut milk, and triple sec into the sugar water.
  • 4
    Let this churn in the ice cream maker for 30 minutes until it’s frozen, or place this in a deep dish in the freezer and let freeze for 6 hours. In the latter case, stir the mixture thoroughly every hour using a fork.
  • 5
    Cut the last lime into thin slices and then halve these. Garnish every scoop of ice cream with half a slice of lime.
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