Grilled papaya stuffed with yoghurt & fruit


1 papaya
Yogurt or cream cheese
(Exotic) fruit of your choosing, e.g.:
pomegranate seeds
passion fruit
soft red fruits
chia seeds
grated coconut

Add the finishing touches to your barbecue party with this delicious, healthy dessert. You can stuff the papaya with whatever you or your guests prefer best.


  • 1
    Slice the papaya in half and remove the seeds. Briefly grill the halves on the barbecue.
  • 2
    Once the papaya is nice and hot, remove from the barbecue and allow to cool briefly.
  • 3
    Fill the halves with your choice of either cream cheese or yogurt and top with the fruit. Garnish with a sprinkling of chia seeds and/or grated coconut.
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