Fresh Coconut Drink
with melon


1 drinking coconut
2 limes
1 piece of watermelon
1 tsp basil seeds

A cocktail without alcohol, by TV chef Mathijs Vrieze. Really refreshing on hot summer days. Fresh coconut water is the ultimate thirst-quencher.


  • 1
    Open the drinking coconut by making two holes at the top with a screwdriver. Pour out the coconut water and collect it in two glasses.
  • 2
    Finely grate the green part of the peel of one lime. Halve two limes and squeeze out the juice. Divide between the two glasses.
  • 3
    Take a piece of watermelon and grate it with a fine grater so that you get watermelon puree. Stir the watermelon juice, lime juice and grated lime peel into the coconut water. Cut a slice of watermelon into small cubes as a garnish.
  • 4
    Another great idea is to add basil seeds, which resemble the seeds of passion fruit. Mathijs got this idea from a cocktail he drank in Bali. Basil seeds can be bought at Asian supermarkets and can be found with the spices; they are called Biji Selasih. Rehydrate the seeds briefly in warm water, a small layer will form around the seeds. These are the dots you can see in the picture. Enjoy your non-alcoholic cocktail!
  • Check out Mathijs' video!

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