Exotic smoothie bowl with mango, pitahaya, and granola


For de smoothie:
½ mango, in cubes
½ papaya, in cubes
1 banana, sliced
50 g oatmeal
200 ml coconut water
juice from ½ lime

1 pitahaya, in cubes
2 tbsp. granola
1 tbsp. chia seeds
1 tbsp. pumpkin seeds

Start your morning off on the right foot with this flavourful recipe: Exotic smoothie bowl with mango, pitahaya, and granola. This is perfect for before or after your training session. Mangos and bananas are some of the most carbohydrate-rich fruits thanks to their high level of natural sugars, which is exactly what you need when you want to perform well athletically.


  • 1
    Keep a little bit of fruit for the smoothie aside to use as topping.
  • 2
    Mix the rest of the mango, papaya, and banana with the oatmeal, coconut water, and lime juice in a blender.
  • 3
    Pour into a bowl and place the topping and the remaining pieces of fruit on top.
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