Creamy spaghetii with green asparagus


400 g spaghetti
175 g cream cheese
500 g green asparagus
2 cloves garlic (finely chopped)
2 tsp olive oil
200 ml chicken stock

Deliciously creamy spaghetti with tangy green asparagus!


  • 1
    Cook the spaghetti according to the instructions on the pack. Cut off the bottom third of the asparagus and then cut them into lengths of about 10 cm.
  • 2
    Fry the asparagus and garlic for 3 to 4 minutes in very hot oil in a frying pan and set aside.
  • 3
    Heat the chicken stock in a saucepan, add the cream cheese and allow to melt on a low heat. Add the vegetables and the spaghetti, heat through and serve.
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