Chocolate mousse with tropical fruit


100 g milk chocolate
100 g white chocolate
300 ml whipping cream
4 mangosteens
8 rambutans
1 carambola
1 pitahaya

Creamy white and milk chocolate mousse with tropical fruit; a delicious dessert for an exotic Christmas dinner


  • 1
    It is best to melt each of the chocolates in separate double boilers. Cut the white chocolate into very small pieces, put them into one of the double boilers and allow to melt. Do the same with the milk chocolate. Don’t stir yet; just leave them to melt slowly.
  • 2
    Whisk the cream to form soft peaks. A consistency of pouring custard is too thin; stiff peaks is too thick. Beating the cream to stiff peaks means running the risk of forming lumps when mixing it with the chocolate.
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    You can now start combining the ingredients for the chocolate mousse. Mix carefully and quickly. Use a spatula - this is a question of keeping the ingredients at the right temperature. The chocolate will cool and set up too quickly if it is not kept warm enough or if the whipped cream is too cold. The chocolate should have the approximate temperature of lukewarm tea. Blend well. Begin by pouring the whipped cream into the warm mixing bowl with the chocolate and whisk quickly. Then pour into a cold bowl and mix some more The chocolate mousse will then need to set up in the fridge for an hour or so. You can pour the mousse into glasses to serve this way, or pour it into a larger bowl so that you can later shape it into quenelles.
  • 4
    Prepare the fruit. Carefully slice into the purple hard skin of the mangosteen without cutting into the sweet flesh. Carefully slice the prickly red skin from all around the rambutans so that you can remove the sweet firm flesh. The seed is not edible. You can cut the carambola (star fruit) crosswise into thin slices as usual. The small seeds are edible. Remove the skin from the pitahaya (dragon fruit) and dice and/or slice.
  • 5
    Arrange the pieces of fruit decoratively on the plates. You could create pretty quenelles using a spoon dipped into hot water. Simply spoon out the quenelles in one flowing movement. Dip the spoon into the water after each quenelle to keep it wet every time. Enjoy this delicious dessert!
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