Pomegranate smoothie with strawberries and lime

The cream cheese makes this smoothie low-fat and the pomegranate seeds create a flavour explosion. It’s also very healthy, nutrient-rich and full of fibre, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Pomegranate Trifle with fromage frais and granola

Fromage frais, granola and exotic fruit: a tasty and healthy way to start your day. Make this trifle with fromage frais, pomegranate and homemade coconut granola. Delicious and healthy for breakfast, but also very nice as a dessert!

Dinner bowl with sweet potatoes and pomegranate

An easy and healthy meal in a bowl with sweet potatoes and black beans. Dressed with lime juice and pomegranate. After a long stressful day, I usually opt for a healthy meal which is quick to prepare. This dinner bowl is really tasty and easy to make.

Mango salad with green asparagus ribbons


This is a filling and colourful salad made with mango and green asparagus ribbons and garnished with pomegranate seeds. The asparagus ribbons and mango strips make this a delicious variation. A good filling salad bursting with vitamins!

Tiramisu with pomegranate and mango

This tiramisu is a variation of the traditional recipe that uses coffee and cocoa. The inclusion of mango and pomegranate in this version makes it scrumptiously fresh and extra festive. It is also a healthier option than the original recipe, since we made some changes like replacing part of the mascarpone with low-fat quark. This tiramisu is most delicious if you prepare it a day in advance so it can set up in the fridge. But you could also enjoy it straightaway.

Pink smoothie bowl with pomegranate

This pink smoothiebowl with red fruits and pomegranate is a beauty! A smoothiebowl is a good choice to eat before exercising, it is not very heavy and gives a lot of energy! But also if you have to work or study, a smoothie bowl provides a nutritious breakfast for an energetic start to the day. With this piece of art on the table, you can not start your day better!