Kumquat salad with avocado and sesame

This main-meal salad is very easy to make. The kumquats which look like miniature oranges have a bittersweet taste. A delicious combination with creamy baked avocado and sesame.

Kumquat smoothie with butternut squash

Adding butternut squash to your smoothies gives them a sumptuously sweet, creamy flavour. The kumquats give it a refreshing citrus taste. A match made in heaven!

Fruit water with kumquats

Why not make a pitcher of ice cold water with kumquats. Let the kumquats infuse the water for a while, and then enjoy your wonderfully refreshing, healthy drink!

Chicken casserole with kumquat sauce

You can easily produce something special by stewing this chicken in your homemade kumquat sauce. This is an incredibly simple recipe that tastes fabulous thanks to the fresh kumquats in the sauce.