Kumquat smoothie with butternut squash

Adding butternut squash to your smoothies gives them a sumptuously sweet, creamy flavour. The kumquats give it a refreshing citrus taste. A match made in heaven!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

This coffee with pumpkin-flavoured cream from Starbucks is incredibly popular and now you can make it at home. Autumn in a cup!

Casserole with butternut squash and sweet potato

Still looking for a great side dish to spruce up your mealtimes? Well, look no further. This casserole by food blogger PuurSuzanne with butternut squash and sweet potatoes is to die for. It pairs perfectly with turkey or game. You can turn any post-holiday meal into a party with this casserole.

Healthy butternut squash muffins

These muffins made with butternut squash and without refined sugars are a healthy choice. Great as a snack but also for a nutritious breakfast! They aren’t very sweet so you can add more honey if you have a sweet tooth.

Butternut scones with strawberry jam


These butternut scones are delicious as breakfast or lunch and as a snack. They are easy to make in advance to take in your lunch box for on the road.

Butternut squash gratin with feta and nuts

A beautiful gratin with butternut squash, feta and nuts, a nice side dish with for your Christmas dinner. You can prepare this gratin in advance, which will save kitchen stress!


Our farmer Charl gave us this lovely recipe for Butternut Bake, a popular dish in South Africa. It’s often served as a side dish as part of the traditional South African barbecue known as a braai.

Butternut squash pie American style

Pumpkin pie is a traditional American pie served at Thanksgiving in late November. You won’t believe what you’re tasting when you make it with butternut squash!