Sweet potato toast with guacamole

A new breakfast trend: sweet potato toast. Instead of bread, just stick a thin slice of sweet potato in your toaster: it’s perfect!

Smoked trout with nashi pear and avocado

A good start of the Christmas dinner with this simple but oh so tasty starter. Trout makes a nice change from salmon or shrimp and the combination with avocado and nashi pear is unforgettable.

Power boost falafel with avocado

A delicious and nutritious falafel recipe with avocado. All the veggies and chickpeas make this a real energy booster and the bright colors make you want to eat it even more!

Brunch bowl with avocado and little shrimps

This brunch bowl with avocado and shrimps is a classic combination. And rightly so! Together with a fresh salad and lemon, you now have a delicious, light salad for your Easter brunch.