Sweet potato snack

A super easy and super tasty treat with sweet potatoes! Delicious for starters or appetizers.

Mojito with lime

This velvety smooth and refreshing combination of rum, mint, sugar, lime, ice and sparkling soda water is a classic cocktail from Cuba.

Passion fruit Margarita

A cocktail for the summer, delicious, very easy and quick to prepare. For you to enjoy this season!

Cocktail with drink coconut

Although drink coconuts are delicious as is, you should definitely try the coconut cocktail. Easy and quick to make and pure enjoyment…. Can you resist the temptation? Cheers!

Traditional guacamole

A delicious original guacamole, very easy to make. This is delicious served with for example tortillas or tacos.

Salmon Ceviche

zalm ceviche met mango en passiefruit

With this snack you will surely impress your guests. The combination of raw fresh salmon with mango and passion fruit is irresistibly delicious. You can also make it as a tartare.

Fresh Coconut Drink

A cocktail without alcohol, by TV chef Mathijs Vrieze. Really refreshing on hot summer days. Fresh coconut water is the ultimate thirst-quencher.

Crispy Avocado Snack Pockets

These crispy pockets are often found in Asian cuisine. The creamy filling of ripe avocado gives them a special twist. You might think that you need a deep fryer for this, but they are easy to prepare in the oven