Creme brûlée with passion fruit and vanilla

A crème brûlée is a delicious custard dessert from the French cuisine. The taste of fresh passion fruit complements this dessert very well. Preparing it is easy and quick but does require some preparation time.

Toast with avocado egg salad

This avocado egg salad is a delicious variation on traditional egg salad. Wonderfully light because of the yogurt, mixed with pieces of avocado. Perfect for rolls, sandwiches, crackers or salads.

Brunch burger with fried avocado, bacon and egg

Another delicious recipe from Dutch TV chef Mathijs Vrieze. If you fancy eating something like a burger for brunch, this recipe makes a healthy alternative! It’s a tasty thick slice of multigrain bread with avocado, soft-boiled egg and fried bacon. A big advantage is that it uses standard ingredients you usually have at hand, so it’s easy to create a delicious lunch or brunch sandwich almost anytime.

Chicken roulade with sweet potatoes and green asparagus

Chicken roulade

This festive main course consists of three dishes that go together perfectly: Chicken roulades, Hasselback sweet potatoes and a green asparagus salad. In this recipe, Mathijs demonstrates how to produce your own chicken roulades with garlic, lime and sage. (You could also buy them from your poulterer.) By cutting the sweet potatoes into fans, they will bake more quickly. The green asparagus is eaten raw as part of a salad. Here’s a recipe sure to delight everyone.

Canapés with figs

This tasty fig canapé is easy to make and always hits the spot! The combination of the sweetness of the figs with the crispy bacon and creamy goat’s cheese is simply delicious.

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