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Herbs and spices: elevate your plant-based meals

Is plant-based cooking boring? Not at all! It opens the door to new flavours and creativity! In this particular way of cooking, herbs and spices are the key to success. Want to discover how to use them to enrich your plant-based meals? Read about it below!

The power of herbs

Herbs play a crucial role in plant-based cuisine. They offer not only flavour, but also the potential to give your meals a unique and individual character. With spices, you can be creative and add a personal touch to your meals. They add depth to meals, so to speak. For instance, a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon in a sweet potato dish adds a subtle warmth. We bet you’ll be surprised.

Balance is everything

The secret to successful plant-based meals with herbs and spices is finding the right balance. A hot spice can make sweet exotic fruits and vegetables just a little more exciting, while an acidic spice can create a perfect contrast to the creaminess of avocado. The trick is to give it a shot! Explore and experiment with different combinations until you achieve the perfect balance and harmony.

Tips for use

After these three tips, you are all set to dive into the kitchen.
tip 1

Start with small quantities: when uncertain about a particular spice combination, start with a small amount.

Pay attention to freshness: fresh herbs often have a more intense flavour than dried varieties.
tip 2
tip 3

Embrace your adventurous side! Dare to experiment with herbs and spices that you wouldn’t usually use. This is the only way to discover new flavours.

So, what’s next? It’s time to get started. While it might take a bit of adjustment initially, remember that practice makes perfect!

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