Green asparagus on the bbq

groene asperges op de bbq - salad - Discovered

Have you ever tried grilling green asparagus on the BBQ? A tasty option, but sometimes they slip between the grill and the coals, a real waste! Here is a simple tip to securely grill asparagus on the BBQ every time.

Raw green asparagus with herb dip

groene asperges kruidendip - salad - Discovered

Did you know that you can eat green asparagus raw? They offer a fresh and crunchy flavour when eaten this way. Dip them into our zesty sauce for a dreamy combination. Get ready to discover a whole new side of green asparagus.

Grilled green asparagus salad with parmesan cheese

gegrilde groeneaspergesalade - salad - Discovered

Savour the taste of grilled green asparagus salad with vegan Parmesan cheese. This delicious combination of juicy, grilled asparagus, creamy Parmesan cheese and a light dressing is a real treat. Perfect as a starter or a side dish.

Spinach salad with pomegranate seeds

spinaziesalade granaatappel - salad - Discovered

Salads come in countless variations, each with their own unique flavours and textures. This particular salad boasts a refreshing taste, thanks to the spinach and pomegranate seeds. The addition of walnuts provides a satisfying crunch. It’s a lunchtime delight!

Recovery salad with pomegranate

herstelsalade granaatappel DS - salad - Discovered

This simple salad is perfect for taking to work or your training session. It’s ready in a flash and packed with vitamins and protein.

Spicy Thai Papaya Salad

pittige thaise papayasalade - salad - Discovered

Spicy and delicious. Quick to prepare. You can make this salad as spicy as you want. Just add some more chili pepper. Tasty and deliciously and tropically spicy, yetsimple. And very different from most salads.

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