Baked sweet potato with lemon and olive oil

gepofte zoete aardappel

It’s easy to bake potatoes in the oven, microwave or barbecue. Baked sweet potatoes have a delicious flavour and are nice and soft, completed with olive oil, lemon zest, sea salt and pepper.

Salad with grilled sweet potato and green asparagus

grillsalade zoeteaardappel groeneasperges - Sweet potato salad - Discovered

This original salad consists of grilled green asparagus and sweet potato, accompanied by fresh spinach, thyme and rosemary. The highlight of this salad is the delightful lime vinaigrette that adds a burst of flavour.

Gratinated haricots verts with melted cheese

gegratineerde haricots MV - Sweet potato salad - Discovered

This recipe by TV chef Mathijs Vrieze is very simple, but it’s finger-licking good! These gratinated haricots verts with mozzarella, garlic, spring onion and a pinch of cumin are easy to make and very tasty

Casserole with butternut squash and sweet potato

ovenschotel pompoen zoeteaardappel - Sweet potato salad - Discovered

Still looking for a great side dish to spruce up your mealtimes? Well, look no further. This casserole by food blogger PuurSuzanne with butternut squash and sweet potatoes is to die for. It pairs perfectly with turkey or game. You can turn any post-holiday meal into a party with this casserole.

Butternut squash gratin with feta and nuts

flespompoengratin - Sweet potato salad - Discovered

A beautiful gratin with butternut squash, feta and nuts, a nice side dish with for your Christmas dinner. You can prepare this gratin in advance, which will save kitchen stress!

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