Our farmer Charl gave us this lovely recipe for Butternut Bake, a popular dish in South Africa. It’s often served as a side dish as part of the traditional South African barbecue known as a braai.

Mini-quiches with fresh figs

These little treats will be a hit at every get-together: mini-quiches made with goat cheese and fresh figs. They can be served either warm or cold. Perfect for the holidays because you can make them ahead!

Raw green asparagus with herbal dip

Did you know you can eat green asparagus raw? Raw green asparagus are deliciously fresh and crisp. Make this wonderful herbal dip to create a perfect, healthy snack for your get-together.

Grilled green asparagus salad

This delicious salad with grilled green asparagus can be used as an appetiser, but also as a side dish for your Christmas dinner.

Recovery salad with pomegranate

This simple salad is perfect for taking to work or your training session. It’s ready in a flash and packed with vitamins and protein.

Spicy Thai Papaya Salad

Spicy and delicious. Quick to prepare. You can make this salad as spicy as you want. Just add some more chili pepper. Tasty and deliciously and tropically spicy, yetsimple. And very different from most salads.