Asian Steak Strips with green asparagus

If you want a quick and healthy meal, this stir-fry dish really is the recipe for you. Particularly if you like Asian cuisine, steak and green asparagus. Green asparagus tips do not need to be peeled and can be prepared super fast in this stir-fry dish. They are tastiest when they are slightly cooked. Best for the taste, and for the vitamins. You can also use thick green asparagus, you don’t have to peel these either, but it is better to cut them into 3 pieces.

Cauliflower Rice with Chicken and Green Beans

This cauliflower rice with beans is a delicious low-carbohydrate meal. Now that the summer season is approaching, it is nice to have slightly lighter and healthier meals. And that doesn’t just apply to top athletes. Cauliflower rice is an ideal replacement for regular rice and it adds an extra portion of your five a day.

Chicken curry with papaya

The tender chicken thigh with curry, coconut milk and vegetables is delicious. If you add a juicy sweet papaya, a unique taste experience is created.