Speed pizza with pomegranate

This speed pizza is a perfect meal after an intense training session: good, hot food, but ready in a flash. Naturally, you could make the cauliflower crust yourself, but you can now find them in your local supermarket. However, this recipe does call for homemade pesto as well as burrata cheese, which is a mixture of mozzarella and cream. Check out the recipe!

Power boost falafel with avocado

A delicious and nutritious falafel recipe with avocado. All the veggies and chickpeas make this a real energy booster and the bright colors make you want to eat it even more!

Mexican Bowl with avocado and lime

Mexican food is delicious! Don’t want a heavy meal loaded with cheese and carbohydrates? Make this bowl with lots of veggies, meat, beans and fresh guacamole.

Summery chicken wraps with avocado

Comfort food healthy style: chicken wraps with avocado. You can of course buy wraps in the supermarket, but once you’ve tasted these homemade wraps, you’ll never want any other kind. The filling is amazingly refreshing, with a combination of avocado, lemon, vegetables, and chicken.

Exotic mash with green asparagus

A light mash with green asparagus and smoked salmon; a lovely combination. Naturally, this mash is also tasty with regular potatoes, but sweet potatoes turn it into an absolute treat!