Mango Trifle with fromage frais and coconut granola

Fromage frais, granola and exotic fruit: a tasty and healthy way to start your day. Make this trifle with fromage frais, mango and homemade coconut granola. Delicious and healthy for breakfast, but also very nice as a dessert!

Sweet potato pancakes with mango & passion fruit

Now it’s time for a tasty dessert especially for the festive season: Delicious pancakes made from sweet potatoes with cocoa. Extra festive with mascarpone, mango slices and passion fruit. Pancakes are always tasty, and these are also quite healthy. You can also eat this dish for breakfast. Leave out the mascarpone and serve with quark or yoghurt instead.

Cake with mango

This mango cake is quite different from an ordinary cake. Our prediction: everyone will love it!