Melon soup with pitahaya balls

Would you like to serve a unique dessert? Then go for melon soup with sorbet and pitahaya balls. Easy to make, but big on effect!

Green asparagus soup

This creamy soup made from green asparagus is quick and easy to make. It’s also delicious and good for you!

Avocado soup with lime

A delightfully creamy soup made from avocados: bursting with healthy oils and wonderful flavour!

Butternut squash soup with mango chutney and crostini

This creamy butternut squash soup is quick to make. The orange firm flesh of a butternut squash has a slightly sweet buttery flavour. Butternut squash tastes a little milder and nuttier than the more familiar round pumpkin. The mango chutney adds a nice dimension with its sweet/tart spicy accents. Enjoy!

Butternut squash soep with coconut milk

Butternut squash soep with coconut milk

We have this super-tasty butternut squash soup for you. Delicious made with coconut milk and finished off nicely with avocado cubes and roasted butternut squash. Once temperatures fall below 15 degrees and autumn arrives, you want this soup, right?