Sweet potato hummus


Taste this delicious hummus made from chickpeas and sweet potato, perfect for dipping with crunchy sweet potato crisps. The irresistible combination of flavours will enchant your taste buds!


physalis jam - - Discovered

The surprising flavour of this physalis jam is delicious on bread and crackers, but also in desserts and pastries.

Sharon fruit jam

sharonfruitjam - - Discovered

This jam is delicious on bread, toast or with a tasty hunk of cheese.

Spicy mango sauce

pittige mangosaus - - Discovered

This spicy mango sauce is wonderfully seasoned. The sauce goes really well with both fish and meat. It’s incredibly delicious with rice dishes. You can also use the sauce as a dip.

Traditional guacamole

guacamole original avocado - - Discovered

A delicious original guacamole, very easy to make. This is delicious served with for example tortillas or tacos.

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