Mango salad with green asparagus ribbons


This is a filling and colourful salad made with mango and green asparagus ribbons and garnished with pomegranate seeds. The asparagus ribbons and mango strips make this a delicious variation. A good filling salad bursting with vitamins!

BBQ Salad with mangetout, figs and bacon

This simple salad is ready to serve in no time. A great summertime recipe, perfect for a BBQ. The combination of mangetout, figs and bacon will be the element of surprise at your BBQ. Plenty of green and a good bite because of the mangetout and bacon. Enjoy!

Shrimp salad with avocado of farmer roberto from chile

We received this recipe from our farmer Roberto in Chile. This simple salad is enjoyed everywhere in Chile – even on the beach. It’s delightfully refreshing, quite filling and – best of all – absolutely scrumptious. It’s also easy to make. What could be better?