Spicy fresh Thai mango salad

Mango salade

This colourful and refreshing creation combines sweet mango flavour with refreshing spices. This Thai mango salad is not just any dish; do you dare?

Salad with grilled sweet potato and green asparagus

grillsalade zoeteaardappel groeneasperges - Sweet potato salad - Discovered

This original salad consists of grilled green asparagus and sweet potato, accompanied by fresh spinach, thyme and rosemary. The highlight of this salad is the delightful lime vinaigrette that adds a burst of flavour.

Kumquat salad with avocado and sesame

salade kumquats

This main-meal salad is very easy to make. The kumquats which look like miniature oranges have a bittersweet taste. A delicious combination with creamy baked avocado and sesame.

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