Sweet potato toast with guacamole

zoete aardappeltoast DS - Sweet potato toast - Discovered

A new breakfast trend: sweet potato toast. Instead of bread, just stick a thin slice of sweet potato in your toaster: it’s perfect!

Sweet potato tortilla

Tortilla van zoete aardappel

This Mediterranean classic is irresistibly delicious! A wonderful, sweet surprise for lunch. You will impress yourself, your family, colleagues, or friends with this tasty dish!

Toast with vegan cream cheese, kumquats and pistachio nuts

toast kumquats Mathijs - Sweet potato toast - Discovered

Toast, a timeless classic for lunch, and for good reason. The possibilities are endless! Chances are you’ve never tasted anything quite like this. It offers a unique creamy combination of sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy flavours. So, what are you waiting for?

Red beetroot wraps with green asparagus

Bietenwraps groene asperges

These wraps not only look very festive, but they are also bursting with flavour! Discover the ultimate taste experience of these summery beetroot wraps filled with green asparagus, leafy spinach, and hummus, among other things.

Ginger pancake with papaya compote

gemberpannenkoekjes papaya Mathijs - Sweet potato toast - Discovered

Mathijs makes these pancakes based on yoghurt and fresh ginger. The combination with papaya compote is delicious and they are done very quickly.

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