Butternut squash pie American style

Pumpkin pie is a traditional American pie served at Thanksgiving in late November. You won’t believe what you’re tasting when you make it with butternut squash!

Fig crumble with pecans

A crumble is easy to make with few ingredients. Dutch TV chef Mathijs Vrieze has chosen to work with soft sweet fresh figs.

Panna Cotta with passion fruit

Our Discovered passion fruit tastes delicious in desserts. This recipe for panna cotta with passion fruit is a must for every party dish!

No bake cheese cake with passion fruit

This a ‘no-bake’ cheesecake with passion fruit. Okay, so it’s not very healthy, but not everything has to be healthy all the time. It’s nice not to have to bake anything with this recipe. Instead, you just let it set in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Healthy passion fruit muffins

Delightful healthy muffins made with ‘passion’! Sugar is replaced by banana and honey, cow’s milk by almond or soy milk, and wheat flour by spelt flour. Adding passion fruit makes these muffins extra delicious and good for you!

Papaya pie with coconut filling

This lovely pie with cream filling tastes just as spectacular as it looks. You’ll be serving your guests a unique surprise with this tropical treat!

Mango pie with coconut crust

This mango pie is pretty as a picture. The combination of coconut in the crust with the mango and vanilla filling make this a wonderfully delicious pie.