Mango pie with coconut crust

This mango pie is pretty as a picture. The combination of coconut in the crust with the mango and vanilla filling make this a wonderfully delicious pie.

Healthy fig muffins with ginger

These delectable muffins are made without sugar, wheat flour or butter. Instead, they contain healthy ingredients like oatmeal flour, luscious fresh figs and fresh ginger. A wholesome version of the traditional muffin: a wonderful snack, or eat them for breakfast or lunch.

Redcurrant pie

This crunchy redcurrant pie with coconut meringue is a delicious way to incorporate redcurrants into baking.

Healthy physalis muffins with chocolate

No added sugar, no wheat flour or butter in these mouth-watering muffins. Instead, they contain ground almonds and coconut oil. These muffins give you a super healthy version of the traditional muffin. Dark chocolate is another wholesome ingredient, and the delicious physalis gives this muffin an exotic and healthy twist.

Passion fruit cheesecake

This cheesecake with passion fruit jelly is wonderfully refreshing and sweet at the same time. This cheesecake also looks fabulous and is a definite must-have for festive occasions!

Galette with nashi pear

Nashi pear is very tasty just as it is, but you can also make delicious baked goods with it. This puff-pastry tart with Nashi pears is easy to make and tastes divine.

Cake with mango

This mango cake is quite different from an ordinary cake. Our prediction: everyone will love it!