Pomegranate Trifle with fromage frais and granola

Fromage frais, granola and exotic fruit: a tasty and healthy way to start your day. Make this trifle with fromage frais, pomegranate and homemade coconut granola. Delicious and healthy for breakfast, but also very nice as a dessert!

Sharon Fruit Trifle with speculaas granola

This trifle is a truly delicious breakfast. The delicious homemade speculaas (Dutch ginger bread) granola and the tasty sharon fruit make a great combination with a beautifully thick fromage frais.

Healthy fig muffins with ginger


These delectable muffins are made without sugar, wheat flour or butter. Instead, they contain healthy ingredients like oatmeal flour, luscious fresh figs and fresh ginger. A wholesome version of the traditional muffin: a wonderful snack, or eat them for breakfast or lunch.

Pomelo trifle with quark and granola

A delicious trifle with pomelo, quark and granola. Garnish with some crunchy pomegranate seeds, coconut flakes and fresh mint. Ideal before or after your exercise session. There’s plenty of protein in quark. Pomelo is rich in vitamin C and also provides plenty of fibre. This satisfies your hunger longer.

Healthy physalis muffins with chocolate

No added sugar, no wheat flour or butter in these mouth-watering muffins. Instead, they contain ground almonds and coconut oil. These muffins give you a super healthy version of the traditional muffin. Dark chocolate is another wholesome ingredient, and the delicious physalis gives this muffin an exotic and healthy twist.

Sweet fluffy omelette

This sweet fluffy omelette is a real feast, with its tasty decoration of sweet ripe papaya, flaked almonds, grated lime rind and mint. It’s just like a very fluffy cake, but then baked in the oven and prepared without any flour.

Exotic smoothie bowl with mango, pitahaya, and granola

Start your morning off on the right foot with this flavourful recipe: Exotic smoothie bowl with mango, pitahaya, and granola. This is perfect for before or after your training session. Mangos and bananas are some of the most carbohydrate-rich fruits thanks to their high level of natural sugars, which is exactly what you need when you want to perform well athletically.