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Exotic pasta dishes with green asparagus

Pasta: easy to make and always tasty. Make your pasta dish special with exotic flavors. Green asparagus is very easy because you do not have to peel them. Fits perfectly with pasta, also in taste. With these delicious pasta recipes you will never put a boring pasta on the table again.

Creamy spaghetti with green asparaguss

Deliciously creamy spaghetti with tangy green asparagus! Delicious with cream, yet slim through the broth. With the spicy taste of green asparagus. We think this is a winner!

Tagliatelle with green asparagus

Feel like pasta with something other than tomato sauce? Give pasta with avocado sauce a go...luscious creamy flavour and very good for you.

Risotto with green asparagus & turnip greens

With risotto you can vary greatly with the vegetables. Here is a great take on this dish, using green asparagus and turnip greens.

Lime risotto with green asparagus

A wonderfully summery risotto with the refreshing flavour of lime. Serve with fresh green asparagus and green peas.

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