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Cooking with papaya

Cooking with papaya

Papaya is of course delicious to eat on its own and great in fruit salads, smoothies and desserts. But did you know that you can also cook delicious meals with papaya? Papaya is also great in savoury dishes such as stews, curries and salads.

Fresh and spicy flavours

Fresh flavours go perfectly with papaya. Papaya also goes well with spicy flavours, such as a chilli pepper. Here are our tips for savoury dishes with papaya:

Stew and curry

The papaya contains enzymes that tenderise meat, which is why it is often used in meat dishes. For example in a stew or a delicious curry.

Combination with chicken

Papaya combines well with chicken, especially with oriental flavours. Think of chicken teriyaki or these chicken skewers.


Papaya is perfect in a tasty salad. For example, a pittige Thaise salade. Or try this combination with avocado!


Together with mango, for example, papaya is perfect for a salsa, for example with red pepper and lime. This goes well together with salmon.

Stuffed with savoury

Papaya is often filled with sweet things like fruit and ice cream. But it is also very tasty with a savoury filling!

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