6 x homemade icecream with exotic fruits

Delicious: homemade ice cream on a summer day. But it gets really good when you add exotic fruit. Imagine yourself in tropical atmosphere with our most delicious exotic ice cream recipes!

Sunny summery salads for the BBQ

Zonnige zomersalades barbecue

In the summer, salads are always delicious, especially with the barbecue. Make a delicious salad with your barbecue and exotic vegetables. This way you make your barbecue meal a lot more colorful and healthier.

These salads can of course also be eaten as lunch or with your “regular” meal!

Exotic pasta dishes with green asparagus

Pasta: easy to make and always tasty. Make your pasta dish special with exotic flavors. Green asparagus is very easy because you do not have to peel them. Fits perfectly with pasta, also in taste. With these delicious pasta recipes you will never put a boring pasta on the table again.