4 exotic snacks for a plant-based picnic

vier exotische snacks voor een plant based picknick

What do you need for a delicious plant-based picnic? A rug, refreshing drinks, a basket and… a selection of snacks of course! And when it comes to the latter, Discovered has your back. Our exotic recipes are here to make your picnic truly special. Who will you take on a picnic date?  

6 tips for eating figs

Vijgen snijden

Figs: we can’t get enough of them. They are especially delicious when fresh, but did you know they’re incredibly versatile too? There’s so much more to do with figs than you might think! Here are six helpful tips to inspire your culinary adventures: 

4 x the most delicious plant-based weekend snacks

avocado snacks

Great news! The weekend is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to take a break from the past week. Time for quality time with friends or family. Whatever you’re going to do, delicious snacks should not be missing. Discovered has listed the five best weekend snacks for you, all plant-based! Ready to […]

Herbs and spices: elevate your plant-based meals

blog kruiden en specerijen

Is plant-based cooking boring? Not at all! It opens the door to new flavours and creativity! In this particular way of cooking, herbs and spices are the key to success. Want to discover how to use them to enrich your plant-based meals? Read about it below!   The power of herbs  Herbs play a crucial role […]

How to embrace plant-based meals


Are you contemplating a transition to a (more) plant-based diet? Or perhaps you have already started this journey? Great! After all, a plant-based lifestyle is bursting with vitamins from vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains and seeds. But what exactly does it entail? What are the benefits? And how is it different from a vegan lifestyle? You […]

5 x exotic vegetable soups


As soon as autumn arrives and the temperature starts to drop, the natural craving for a warm and comforting bowl of soup kicks in. However, you might be secretly yearning for a break from the same old tomato or mushroom soup. That’s where Discovered comes to the rescue! These five exotic vegetable soups are a […]

10 plant-based ideas for avocado on toast

10 plantbased ideeen voor avocado op brood blog - avocado - Discovered

As enthusiasts of plant-based cuisine, we know that avocados are true superstars. Bursting with healthy fats and essential nutrients, this delicious fruit is not only a nutritious addition to your lifestyle, but also the perfect base for endless creations.  When is an avocado ripe?  It can be quite tricky to determine the ripeness of an […]

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