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An exotic tour of Colombia

There is nothing more fun than browsing markets in search of the most delicious local dishes. In Colombia, there are countless vibrant markets. And that is exactly the country we are zooming in on today. Imagine a sunny day, where you navigate bustling crowds. Looking around, you don’t know what you see. Everywhere are friendly local vendors, eager to introduce you to their colourful, special exotic fruits and vegetables. But not only that… there is much more to see! Curious to discover more? Keep reading!

Street food = enjoy with your hands!

In a nutshell, street food is all about small portions of food that can be prepared and served quickly. From savoury snacks to sweet treats; anything goes! What really sets street food apart from restaurants is the emphasis on taste over presentation and balance. As a result, the creator has a lot of freedom and street food is often perceived as tastier by travellers. But what is the secret of many popular snacks? Spices, spices, and more spices! Street vendors use them to create an unforgettable flavour explosion! Besides herbs and spices, there is another typical thing to note about street food, namely: eating with your hands, also known as finger food. You do not get cutlery and thus literally get in touch with the flavours of the country!

A culinary journey across cultures

Every country has its own culture, people, and diverse traditions. While travelling, you naturally want to discover everything. But where to start? At local markets! After all, street food is where it all comes together. Consequently, we are not surprised that street food has become a global trend, allowing globe-trotters to savour authentic local dishes straight from street vendors. Street food creates an opportunity to meet locals, explore the culture and learn about certain traditions. Isn’t that simply fascinating?

A glimpse of the streets of Colombia

As you wander the streets of Colombia, it quickly becomes apparent that local culinary delights can be found on nearly every corner. While it might not be obvious at first glance, the best food experiences are often found in the heart of the streets, at food stalls and food trucks. From fresh fruit to exotic smoothies; the Colombian street food scene is the place to discover new flavours! The ambiance at these markets is enchanting. People talk to each other, enjoy the food and there is laughter. It is a very different culture from what we are used to here in the Netherlands. Don’t be surprised if local women walk by with baskets on their heads, containing all kinds of delicious local exotic fruit and vegetables. Mangoes, for example, are a staple in Colombia. And this deliciously sweet fruit is of course nothing new to us. However, it is eaten just a little differently in Colombia than we are used to in the Netherlands. A ripe, sweet mango sounds delicious to us, right? Colombians think differently. They prefer their mangoes firm and unripe. They also often add all kinds of spicy or sour sauces to this exotic fruit. So, the fruit is flavoured and sliced on the spot, ready to be served to passers-by. And when Colombians seek refreshment, they turn to one thing: pure lime juice! From large containers, this drink is sold on the streets. And we can tell you, a cup of lime juice is terribly sour. It often even has salt added to it. It may not sound so tasty, but it’s a remedy that does wonders against a cold! Besides fruit, countless other delicacies are sold on the streets of Colombia. Many stalls sell bread-like tortillas, for example, that you can customise with a variety of toppings, from guacamole to an array of salads and sauces.

From street food to beach food

Not only the streets in Colombia offer a culinary experience. A day at the beach also looks very different from ours in the Netherlands. While ordering food and drinks from your sunlounge is undoubtedly convenient, Colombia takes beach dining to the next level. There, you can eat all kinds of delicious local dishes in the water from a boat or sitting at a bar table. Waitresses then walk from the beach into the water with a tray to bring you your dishes, creating an ideal beach dining experience. In short, a journey through Colombia is not complete without exploring the country’s flavours. And for that, all you need to do is... hit the streets! Amidst the vibrant markets, you’ll not only savour exquisite dishes but also become acquainted with the unique culture and warm hospitality of the locals. Each bite tells a story, and every meal is a feast!

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