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6 x pancakes for breakfast

Who doesn’t like pancakes? How about having breakfast with delicious pancakes? That is a party, isn’t it? Great for the weekend or for a delicious party breakfast.
For breakfast, it’s fun to make these little pancakes. We have several recipes for you, which are made extra tasty with our exotic fruits and vegetables. Do you go for American pancakes made with butternut squash or sweet potato? Or do you bake delicious healthy ginger pancakes or buckwheat pancakes, with delicious exotic fruit on top? Try all our special pancake recipes!

Sweet potato pancakes with mango and passion fruit

Delicious pancakes made from sweet potatoes with cocoa. Extra festive with mascarpone, mango slices and passion fruit. Pancakes are always tasty, and these are also quite healthy. You can also eat this dish for breakfast. Leave out the mascarpone and serve with quark or yoghurt instead.

American pumpkin pancakes with exotic fruit

These American pancakes with cottage cheese and exotic fruit are perfect for breakfast. They are easy and quick to make and taste slightly spicy and sweet because of the pumpkin. For an extra winter flavour, you can add speculaas spices.

Pancakes with passion fruit caramel sauce

Especially for you, these delicious banana pancakes with passion fruit caramel sauce. You can't stop eating them!

Ginger pancakes with papaya compote

We make these pancakes based on yoghurt and fresh ginger. The combination with papaya compote is delicious and they are done very quickly.

Buckwheat pancakes with mangistan

Pancakes can be made in so many different ways. Every recipe has its own flavour and texture. In this recipe, we use buckwheat flour. The combination of mangistan with sesame seeds and hazelnuts is delicious.

Sweet potato pancakes

Sweet potato pancakes

These sweet potato pancakes are really delicious for breakfast on weekends. If you have a few left over, you can also take them out for lunch or as a snack. But they are also great as a dessert.

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