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6 x homemade icecream with exotic fruits

Delicious: homemade ice cream on a summer day. But it gets really good when you add exotic fruit. Imagine yourself in tropical atmosphere with our most delicious exotic ice cream recipes!

Avocado icecream in a coconut

Make your own exotic ice cream! This ice cream is made from avocado and coconut water straight from the coconut. Serve the ice cream in the coconut for a fabulous tropical effect!

Lime icecream with fresh limes

This deliciously refreshing ice cream with fresh lime is easy to make yourself, with or without an ice cream maker.

Yoghurt lollies with Mangosteen

Make yoghurt lollies with a difference with mangosteen. Discover this amazing taste!

Coconut icecream with freshly grated coconut

Wonderfully creamy, homemade coconut ice cream. It’s tastiest with freshly grated coconut and lime. Serve it on a hot summer day in a coconut shell for a tropical touch.

Sorbet with Papaya

This sorbet is very easy to make and is truly delicious!

Bluberry frozen yoghurt

Easy blueberry frozen yogurt for a delicious dessert.

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