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6 tips for eating figs

Figs: we can’t get enough of them. They are especially delicious when fresh, but did you know they’re incredibly versatile too? There’s so much more to do with figs than you might think! Here are six helpful tips to inspire your culinary adventures:

Our favorites recipes with figs

Eat them out of your hand

Did you know that you can eat figs with their skin on? So, if you fancy a tasty and easy snack, just cut two figs into quarters. This way, you easily get your two servings of fruit a day. Enjoy!

Bake figs in the oven

Figs with plant-based mascarpone or goat cheese: is that a tasty combination? You bet! Wrap them in dried plant-based ham or bacon and bake. Finger-licking good!

Roast them with honey

Cut the figs into thick slices and roast them. The latter may sound a bit crazy, but this gives the figs an even more intense and sweet flavour. Serve them as a snack with nuts and cheese, or as a dessert topping.

Eat figs for breakfast

Tired of your standard yoghurt with granola? Give it a new twist by adding figs! Figs are also delicious within a tasty smoothie bowl.

Put them in a salad

Make your salad extra special with fresh figs. For example, combine them with sliced plant-based Parma ham, plant-based mozzarella, lamb’s lettuce, and balsamic vinegar. TA-DA! A perfect salad awaits you!

Use figs in your dessert

A beautiful fig cake is a feast for the eyes and tastes great too. The same goes for a beautiful pannacotta or pavlova with fresh figs. Whatever you choose, figs are the perfect addition to any recipe!

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