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Christmas desserts

4x Exotic desserts for a great end to your Christmas dinner

Exotic desserts for a great end to your Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner is brought to a perfect close with a delectable Christmas dessert. Exotic fruit is perfect for making special desserts. Your guests will certainly be pleasantly surprised if you finish off your Christmas dinner with a festive exotic dessert!
almond cake

Almond cake with pastry cream, pitahaya and passion fruit

Almond cake, that's how you make friends! The creaminess of the pastry cream with the almond cake and the fresh taste of pitahaya will put a smile on your face. The fresh sage and passion fruit finish it off

Creme brûlée with passion fruit and vanilla

A crème brûlée is a delicious custard dessert from the French cuisine. The taste of fresh passion fruit complements this dessert very well. Preparing it is easy and quick but does require some preparation time.

Mini pavlovas with kumquats and passion fruit

A classic pavlova with an exotic twist! You will always impress with these festive mini cakes!

Sorbet with papaya

This sorbet ice cream is made from fresh papaya. It is very easy to make and tastes delicious!

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